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The privacy of our customers and suppliers is important to us, and it is critical that we are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation that came into force in May 2018.


In the terms of the Regulation, we are Data Controllers.


The nature of our business means that we require some personal details from our suppliers. The type of data we hold includes name, contact details such as postal and email address and bank account information.


We also hold some information about our customers, including bank details, postal and email addresses, and the names of individuals within these companies.


We do not share any of this information with other companies or individuals, and if asked to do so will inform customers or suppliers for their consent. 


The information we hold on customers and suppliers is held on computers and servers that are encrypted and can be accessed only by responsible individuals within our company. We have a double firewall in place and believe that hacking into our systems is very unlikely.


If any individual or company wishes to know what details we hold on them and how we hold it, we are happy to provide this information.


We will promptly inform all individuals and companies should their data be potentially compromised, such as by the theft of machines.

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