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300 Astronomical Objects

300 Frogs

300 Orchids

500 Butterflies

500 Cacti


African American Biographies

Air Disasters

Amazing Biomes

Amazing Planet!

Americans At War

Ancient Civilisations of the Near East and Mediterranean

Ancient Civilizations

Animal Fact Files Birds

Animal Fact Files Fish

Animal Fact Files Insects

Animal Fact Files Mammals

Animal Fact Files Reptiles

Animal Families

Animal Mechanicals

Animal Records

Animal Scientists

Animal Trackers

Animals in Danger

Artist Revealed

At Home With…

Atlas of Evolution

Atlas of Exploration

Atlas of Life on Earth

Atlas of Past Times

Atlas of the Evolving Earth

Atlas of the World's Deserts

Atlas of World Archaeology

Atlas of World History



Battle Box: Revolutionary Warriors

Battle of the Hedgerows

Beatles Day by Day

Being Human

Big Book of Crafts

Biographical Encyclopedia of Artists

Biology Matters

Biomes Atlases

Boffins on the Battlefield

Book of Herbs


Cat Owner's Problem Solver


Chemistry Matters

Children’s Encyclopedia

Civil War

Civil War Day by Day

Civil War Highlights

Civil War Trivia

Civil War: The Right Answer

Classics of Design

Classics of Fashion


Close Up

Colonial America

Complete Birds of the World

Complete Encyclopedia of the Freshwater Aquarium

Complete Encyclopedia of the Vivarium

Concise Encycloepdia of Reptiles

Concise Encyclopedia of Birds

Concise Encyclopedia of Endangered Animals

Concise Encyclopedia of Fish

Concise Encyclopedia of Insects and Spiders

Concise Encyclopedia of Mammals

Concise History of Science and Invention

Cool Pets

Cool Science

Cool Science Experiments

Course in Art History

Crafts for Kids

Crafts, Big Book Of

Creative Crafts for Kids

Cultural Atlases for Young People

Cultural Atlases Series (20 titles)

Curious Nature

Curriculum Connections series:

CC 21st Century Science

CC Atlas of World History

CC Civil War

CC Native North Americans

CC Psychology

CC Technology Through the Ages


D-Day Day by Day

D-Day to Berlin Day by Day

Dangerous Animals

Death and the Afterlife

Depression America

Destination Solar System

Digging into History

Dinosaur Detectives


Do You Know...Birds

Do You Know...Mammals

Do You Know...Reptiles

Do you Know...Spiders

Dog Owner's Problem Solver


Eastern Front Day by Day


Elementary Physics

Elements of Life

Elite Units of the Third Reich

Encyclopedia of Art for Young People

Encyclopedia of Artists

Encyclopedia of Birds

Encyclopedia of Mammals

Encyclopedia of Mammals

Encyclopedia of Science

Encyclopedia of the Ancient World

Encyclopedia of the Oceans

Encyclopedia of Visual Art

Encyclopedia of World Artists

Encyclopedia of World Geography

Ethics and Values

Everyday Inventions

Explore the Solar System

Explorers and Exploration

Explorers Discovering the World

Exploring the Oceans

Exploring the Solar System

Exploring the World of Aquatic Life

Exploring the World of Mammals

Exploring the World of Reptiles

Extreme Environments


Facts and Artefacts

Facts at Your Fingertips series:

FAYF Animals

FAYF Countries of the World

FAYF Endangered Animals

FAYF Great Scientists

FAYF Introducing Biology

FAYF Introducing Chemistry

FAYF Introducing Physics

FAYF Invention and Technology

FAYF Modern Military History

FAYF World of Endangered Animals

Famous Trials

Festive Foods

Fire Disasters

Flags of the World

Flowering Plant Families

Flowering Plants: A Concise Pictorial Guide

Forensic Science

Front Page World War II


Great Armies: The Army of North Virginia

Great Armies: The Wehrmacht

Great Empires



Handwriting of the Famous

Healthy Kids

History Highlights

History of Inventions

History of Warfare

History’s Greatest Rivals

Hitler Conspiracies

Hitler's Arctic War

Hitler's Espionage Machine

Hitler's Renegades

Hitler's Sky Warriors

Hitler's Stuka Squadrons

Hot Planet

How Do We Measure

How Does It Work?

Human Body


Icons of Black Music

Icons of Blues and Soul

Icons of Jazz

Icons of Music: Guitarists

Icons of Opera

Illustrated Science Encyclopedia

Images of Barbarossa

Images of Kursk

In the Picture With

In the Shadow of the Swastika

In Touch with Basic Science

In Touch with Nature

Inside A...

Inside Hitler's Germany

Inventions and Inventors


John Lennon


Kings & Queens of England and Scotland



Legacy of Ancient Egypt


Let's Cook

Life on the Front Lines

Looking at Science

Loyal Comrades, Ruthless Killers


Machines That Won The War

Makers of Science

Mapping in the Modern World

Mapping the World


Measure Up Math

Medieval World

Meet the Greats

Military Hardware in Action

Military Jobs

Military Technology Timelines

Mission Impossible

Modern Military Hardware Military Machines

Modern Military Hardware Small Arms

Modern Military Hardware Submarines

Modern Military Hardware Tracked Firepower

Modern Military Hardware Warplanes

Modern Military Hardware Warships

Moon Landing

Music in the 20th Century

Mysteries in History

Mysteries Revealed

Mystery Files

Mythic World

Myths From Around the World



Nations of the World

Native Americans

Nature In Focus

New Cultural Atlas of China

New Cultural Atlas of Egypt

New Cultural Atlas of Greece

New Cultural Atlas of Islam

New Enc of Insects and Spiders

New Enc of Reptiles and Amphibians

New Encyclopedia of Aquatic Life

New Encyclopedia of Saltwater Aquarium

New Encyclopedia of Science

New Encyclopedia of Trees


Oceans Alive

Our Solar System


Pacific War Day by Day

Parasites and Partners

Patton Unleashed

Peoples and Cultures of Africa

Peoples of North America

Physics Matters

Plants and Plant Life

Play Piano!

Play Recorder!

Pocket Encyclopedia Animals

Pocket Encyclopedia Planet Earth

Pocket Encyclopedia Space

Pocket Encyclopedia World Disasters

Pocket Encyclopedia World History

Pocket Factfile Birds

Pocket Factfile Dinosaurs

Pocket Factfile Endangered

Pocket Factfile Mammals

Pointers Arms and Armour

Pointers Castles and Forts

Polar Planet

Posters of World War II

Primary Sources in U.S. History

Primary Sources in World History

Pro Con



Q&A Marine Aquarium

Q&A Pond Owner's Handbook

Q&A Reptiles and Amphibians

Q&A Tropical Freshwater Aquarium


Reformation, Exploration and Empire


Rivers of North America

Rocks, Minerals, and Gemstones

Rommel's Panzers

Routes of Science


SAS Shadow Warriors

Scary Reptiles

Science Activities

Science Highlights

Science Q&A

Science Solves It!

Science Tools

Scientific Breakthroughs

Scientific Pathways

Scientists on the Battlefield

Sea Disasters

Simple Machines

Slimy, Scaly, Deadly

Small Animal Owner's Problem Solver

Small Worlds

Snapshots of the Sixties

Space Facts & Figures

Sports Science

Spotlight Guides

SS Steel Rain

SS Steel Storm

Stalingrad Day by Day

Story of Music

Superwomen in Science


Technology in the Ancient World

Technology Timelines

Third Reich Day by Day

Timelines of History

Timelines of Science and Technology


Train Disasters

Turning Points in US Military History


Ultimate Military Machines

Ultimate Special Forces

Ultimate Visual Guide to Flowering Plants

Ultimate Visual Guide to the Ancient and Medieval World

Ultimate Visual Guide to the Animal Kingdom

Ultimate Visual Guide to the Story of the Earth

Ultimate Visual Guide World History Through Maps

Understanding Maps


US Army in World War II

US Marine Corps in World War II

USA Fifties

USA Sixties

USA Twenties


Vietnam War Day by Day

Voices of Vietnam

Voices of War


Waffen SS at War


Wars Day by Day

We Came to North America

What's the Big Idea?

Who Lives Here?

Wonders of the World

World at War 1939-45

World History Timeline

World in Conflict 1914-45

World of Amphibians

World of Animals

World of Birds

World of Fish

World of Insects

World of Mammals

World of Plants

World of the Romans

World Through Maps

World War I Day by Day

World War II (junior)

World War II Aircraft

World War II Artillery

World War II Day by Day

World War II Ships

World War II Small Arms

World War II Sourcebook

World War II Stats and Facts

World War II Submarines

World War II Tanks

World War II The Full Story

World War II Trivia

World War II: A Day by Day History

WWII Day by Day (junior)

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